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"Run Away With Me........"

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Elopement weddings at Coombe Trenchard

To me, elopements instantly conjure the notion of wild, Romeo & Juliet style romance. To share an experience so intimate and so specifically for the two of you, whether in secret or not, has always held an enchanting fascination. These days, 'elopement' is the colloquial term given to weddings of a very small nature, either just the happy couple or a few close friends or family members also in attendance. These ceremonies carry the same legal requirements and standing as a traditional day, just on a much smaller and more intimate scale.

Nestled on the edge of Dartmoor, Coombe Trenchard is a newly discovered Arts & Crafts gem that has been lovingly restored in recent years. Privately owned, full of original features and more than a little sprinkling of mystery, we feel our home is the perfect setting to fulfil your wildest elopement dreams.


In stark contrast to planning a traditional wedding, elopements can be arranged and performed with minimal fuss, stress and cost. Coombe Trenchard prides itself on not conforming to traditional wedding packages and so encourages you to make your day as unique as you are. We have twelve licensed locations dotted around our house and grounds and work closely with a number of trusted suppliers to ensure your celebration runs smoothly, whatever the size. Stay in our luxurious Bridal Suite, complete with roll top bath, and truly relax in your own wedding bubble. We also grow flowers in our cutting garden and bake delicious treats in our country kitchen; ensuring no air miles and the most authentic Devonshire experience to remember for years to come.

With the average cost of a wedding in the UK now at a whopping £20,500, couples are increasingly looking for cheaper, more unique options to personalise their day. You may choose to have an elopement then a laid back party at a different time or simply skip the planning, saving, legwork and debates by heading off to become hitched in the simplest and most secluded way. Age old family pressures can cause tension, along with loved ones expectations that can vary greatly from your own. Guest list dramas can be avoided and decisions can be made to simply suit you and your other half when choosing to strip your wedding back to its purest form: two people becoming committed for life.

Dartmoor is know for its rugged beauty, desolate vistas and ancient woodland. In the summer months plan a lazy picnic, splash in the streams and enjoy total, warm tranquillity. When the nights draw in and autumn raises its beautiful rusty head its time to gather around our fireplace with a glass of mulled wine after a blustery welly walk. Elopements can be easily arranged at any time of the year, especially if you are planning a week day celebration. Coombe Trenchard can provide accommodation for up to nine guests, so if you are bringing a smattering of guests you could enjoy the wonders of this unique part of the world in your own country home. Well behaved canine companions are also welcome, although sadly cannot acts as witnesses!

If this relaxed and cost effective way of getting hitched appeals to you and your partner, here's a handy check list to assist you in planning an elopement.

Coombe Trenchard's Elopement Check List

The Legal Bit Elopements still have the same legal requirements as larger weddings; you will need to contact your local Registrar's office to book your ceremony and give Notice of Marriage. You can find all of the relevant information by following this link to the governments website.

PhotographerNo matter the size of your wedding, you will always want photos of your Big Day to look back on and show loved ones. We have a list of recommended photographers here at Coombe Trenchard that you can peruse by clicking here.

WitnessesYou will need two witnesses to legally marry. If you are inviting a small amount of guests you will need to select two to perform this duty, if it's just you and your partner you may wish to ask the photographer or ourselves at Coombe Trenchard.

Announcement – Decide who you will tell (if anyone) beforehand and how you will be announcing your special news afterwards.

Inspiration – We are long time fans of Love My Dress, a wonderful bridal blog which features beautiful elopements. You may wish to take a peek through their elopement archives for a dash of inspiration.

Contact Coombe Trenchard on 01566 783179 or via sarah@coombetrenchard.co.uk for more information and a chat, we would love to hear your ideas!