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Weddings at Coombe Trenchard ~ Our pledge to couples since we began sharing our home

WeddingsSarah MarshComment

The beginning of a new year is an incredibly exciting time for engaged couples.

From the blissfully dizzy heights of marriage proposal, to the realisation of actual wedding plans - with lots of venue hunting, idea swooning and supplier shopping all to be done in between - and all in the name of love - your most exciting union…


It is safe to say that we absolutely adore sharing our home and our gardens with couples, their families and their chosen guests to create an idyllic day - the day of dreams.

“Our special spot in the West of Devon, lends itself so beautifully to making the very best of memories - it is one of the reasons we fell in love with Coombe Trenchard ourselves 11 years ago when it became our home.”

Since then, we’ve hosted two of our own family weddings and so many wonderfully memorable occasions here, before we opened our doors and started to share Coombe Trenchard with a selected number of seasonal booking opportunities which includes weddings, for they just work so well here.


“Wedding bookings at Coombe Trenchard are exclusive and limited in number - as we set aside no more than a handful of dates each year for others to enjoy the happiest of times in our home.”

Our decision to take on a limited number of bookings each year assures the highest personal attention to detail, and a unique and extra special experience for each couple that falls in love with our location, and feels connected and ‘at home’ in our home.

We love to host events, and to really look after our guests, and our pledge to not ‘pile the bookings high means our product and our service will always be delivered with focus, energy, style and un-interrupted grace - giving everyone perfect peace of mind, and our couples the chance to take in every magical moment of their Coombe Trenchard wedding.


Of course no two weddings are ever the same, and nor should they be…

Those seeking a venue for an elaborate two day weekend summer celebration - are most welcome to get in touch. And those planning their day in an entirely different fashion, with fewer guests…or even marrying mid-week - are also welcome to get in touch too!

“Our space is flexible, our experience is plentiful, nothing will be too much trouble, and you’ll be in the safest calmest of hands as we guide you through every single detail, and support you every step of the way.”


So what’s the catch? Well there isn’t one really… except that if Coombe Trenchard is the venue for you - you have to book with us quickly before our diary of limited edition dates for each year closes!

We have just a snippet of availability left this summer, and for now our diary is still open for 2020 and 2021. But it won’t be long before our allocated dates for weddings have been secured, of that we are certain.

If you’d like to start exploring Coombe Trenchard’s opportunities for your wedding by casting your gaze over our wedding brochure and indicative wedding price guide, or by asking me any questions you may have - do get in touch by clicking here.


My heartfelt thanks to Kelly and James who married at Coombe Trenchard last year - it is their images I have shared with you throughout this blog post, all captured beautifully by Elizabeth Armitage.

Happy happy happy new year everyone - I have a feeling it is going to be quite marvellous, especially for our 2019 couples.

Sarah x


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Lauren & Matts Wedding Planning Blog ~ part 5

WeddingsSarah Marsh1 Comment
A final blog post from Lauren, before this beautiful couple hold their September wedding at Coombe Trenchard.

A final blog post from Lauren, before this beautiful couple hold their September wedding at Coombe Trenchard.

Counting down the days to wedded bliss

With now less than 5 weeks to go everything is beginning to fall into place and is feeling so real! We have counted down the weekends we have left and each one is jam packed with something meaning we have no time left to do anything more, so we just have to have complete trust in our planning so far and hope that it will all come together perfectly on the day – with a huge hand from Sarah, who we know will make sure every detail is accommodated (she’s been amazing for this!).


We are also spending time over the next few weeks wearing in shoes, practicing our first dance, and hand making all the last little bits for the day.

The 'wedding planning room' at home has spanned so far out I had to have a sit down and sort out last week to remember all the things we have got! It was so exciting going through things knowing the next time they are unpacked will be the night before the wedding.


We have had nearly all the final appointments with our suppliers, and have settled the final balances with most of them too, which has been such a huge relief as we know now that anything we have extra can go towards the honeymoon - Yippee!

We have booked with Kuoni, and cannot wait for our amazing trip - 3 nights in Bangkok and then off to enjoy the beaches of Thailand for a week!

Our honeymoon will follow on straight after the wedding which will be fantastic as we carry the motion of the day on into the most amazing holiday of our lives!


After our wedding and honeymoon it will be back to reality with no planning left to do – which will feel really strange! I actually don’t know how I will get on not having something to make every week or contacting people to arrange appointments - although from the amazing people we have met throughout our planning, I am pretty sure I will be in touch with them afterwards.

For example, Kimberly at Changing Faces has been brilliant - Mum and I had our trial for makeup and hair last week and it was just lovely being pampered and trying out different styles and choices. I didn’t really have a specific idea of what I wanted which I thought might make it difficult but I think if you choose a supplier who really knows their stuff, and takes the time to understand you, they can guide you easily. This is exactly what Kimberly did and I was so happy with the results. And it was so special sharing this time with my mum as well, who also looked beautiful!

Neither Matt nor I can wait now for everything that we have planned to come together. The countdown is well and truly on, and I will be sure to write a blog with lots of pictures from the day - our wedding day at Coombe Trenchard (!!) - only next time I'll be signing off as Mrs Lauren West!


May blog from Nikki, our 'Real Wedding Blogger'

WeddingsSarah MarshComment

Gosh I can’t believe its May already! People are always telling me that even though we’re not getting married till next year the time will fly by … and they’re not wrong!.

I’m happy to say though that we have got so much done since my last blog post and since we booked Coombe Trenchard back in January. 

As I mentioned before I was conscious that because we were getting married on a bank holiday that in order to secure the suppliers we really wanted that we should get things organised quickly … especially as we were moving house as well this year.

So since we last spoke we have booked our photographer, our catering, entertainment, florist and cake designer. 

One of the most fun parts so far has been picking out entertainment! Me and Ant met at a festival so music was always going to be an important part of the day. We got a recommendation from a fellow wedding stationer for a band down in Plymouth so headed down there in February to see them at a gig. We were planning on seeing a few other bands before making a decision but they totally blew us away! They were absolutely perfect for our wedding with lots of Indie / Rock classics which I know are going to have at least me and Ant up dancing … if perhaps not some of the older guests! But our feeling is this is our wedding and we just can’t stand the thought of music we hate being played just so we cater to everyone.

The other exciting thing was sending out our Save the Dates! As a wedding stationer designing something for myself turned out to be pretty nerve wracking … although also massive fun! I sort of treated it as though it was a brief from a bespoke client and tried to encapsulate our characters and liked in the style of the stationery.

We decided fairly early on of a colour scheme of Navy, Blush, Dark Pink and Ivory – with hints of dark green foliage. I also find it best to not just pick one or two colours for a colour scheme as it can start to look a bit too ‘matchy’ and quite dated – so a range of colours which blend well together was always the aim. We’re both love Navy ( our new lounge is being painted this colour! ) but I also love florals and ferns so wanted to include a botanical element.

We also want the wedding to be fun and light hearted and really wanted to incorporate some of our geekier side so the wording of the Save the Date cards relates to how we met and our love of Star Wars and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – and I couldn’t help myself but include some very small Stormtrooper helmets in with the floral motifs on the pink envelope liner!

Sending out the Save the Dates I was really nervous but everyone seemed to like them – even though not everyone got the geeky references! I’ve already started to think about the design of the invitations so that will keep me occupied for a while!

In the meantime we’ve just moved house in to a bit of a renovation project so I’m really glad that we have all the big things booked for the wedding and we can relax and concentrate on the house for a few months and look forward to our Engagement Shoot with our photographer Clare Kinchin later in May.

Nikki x

Meet Nikki...our 'Real Bride' Blogger

WeddingsSarah MarshComment

I'd like to introduce you to Nikki Ward.....I have known Nikki for a couple of years through the wedding industry, as she produces some of the most beautiful wedding stationery you can imagine. I was so delighted when Nikki and fiancé Anthony decided that Coombe Trenchard would be their perfect wedding venue, and equally thrilled when Nikki agreed to be our first 'real bride' blogger. Nikki is getting married here in May 2017, and I am really looking forward to reading how she progresses with her wedding plans.... 


Hi I’m Nikki and I have been working in the wedding industry for the last 6 years … gosh that makes me sound like I’m standing up at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting! I am also a bride to be after getting engaged on Boxing Day to my lovely other half Anthony, who got down and proposed in front of a camel on the edge of the Sahara desert whilst we were on a tour of Morocco. It was perfect … even though we both had stinking colds and felt really ill!

When we got back from Morocco I immediately jumped into wedding planning mode … we wanted to get married in 2017 and I knew that dates at really lovely venues would fill up quickly, especially in the post engagement frenzy following Christmas & New Year.

Having run my own business as a wedding stationer, over the years I have visited some really lovely venues for photo shoots and wedding fairs etc. so I had a fair idea of some of the venues I really loved in Devon and Cornwall. Ant was happy for me to show him some of my favourites and some of the most popular venues in the area so we could narrow it down to a shortlist to visit quite quickly.

We instantly knew we didn’t want something run of the mill and, as neither of us are religious, wanted a venue where we could hold both the ceremony and reception in one place. In fact it became clear very quickly that we also really wanted somewhere which we could have exclusive use of for the whole weekend. We only moved to Devon 3 years ago so nearly all our close friends and family are based in either London, Surrey or near Birmingham. So we decided that we didn’t want our guests to feel they were having to travel all the way down to Devon for just one day. 

We both love places with history and character and so the shortlist of 4 venues we looked at over one of the first weekends in January all were very individual and full of character for different reasons. We actually made a bit of a rod for our own backs as each one was ‘so’ different it was difficult to compare them!

Coombe Trenchard won out though in an enormous part due, not only to its beauty and historic character, but because of the flexibility that it and Sarah offered us. It is also an Arts & Crafts House which has always been one of our favourite periods of architecture and although it has a definite ‘wow’ feeling it also felt loved and relaxed and like the family home that it is. We didn’t want our day to feel in anyway stuffy or formal so Coombe Trenchard was perfect!

Sarah has been so helpful and accommodating in our booking of the venue and I’m really looking forward to organising our wedding with her.

Our plans and ideas for the day are already starting to come together and we are currently finalising evening catering and music and entertainment, which are the couple of things other than the venue which we are anxious to book well in advance to secure the date of the suppliers we really love.

Plus as Sarah has already discovered I’m a stupidly organised person and as we are also moving house this year I wanted to get on top of the wedding planning straight away!

I’m looking forward to writing future blog posts for the Coombe Trenchard blog and keeping you updated to our progress.


Nikki will be back again soon, keeping us up to date with here wedding plans.  To see some of Nikki's lovely stationery designs, on the Knots & Kisses logo above.

Nikki will be back again soon, keeping us up to date with here wedding plans.

To see some of Nikki's lovely stationery designs, on the Knots & Kisses logo above.