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Snap Happy

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Snap Happy –

 Our Top Twelve Tips for Getting the Most from Your Wedding Photography


Evolve Photography

Evolve Photography

1. Style

Spend time browsing a range of Photographer's websites, specifically their portfolios. Professional photographers will have their own unique style and you should look for a method that compliments your intended vibe for the day. Natural, reportage style snaps will go well with a relaxed wedding but you may look for more a more formal tone if your wedding is expected to be a smart affair. See our list of recommended photographers at the end of this blog post for Coombe Trenchard approved snappers.

Freckle Photography

Freckle Photography

2. Substance

Your photographer will be an active part of the best day of your life; spending time with your favourite people, being present as you get ready and sharing in a very personal celebration. It's important that their personality and energy is a good fit for you and your partner. Photographers tend to have 'About Me' sections on their websites so that you can decide if your values feel in linewith theirs. Arrange a meeting or phone conversation if possible. We can vouch for the work ethic, talent and likability of our recommended photographers. 

Luna Photography

Luna Photography

3. Budget

Photography is a costly part of any wedding process, but one that is worth the investment. Fantastic images that you can look back on for the rest of your lives are priceless, something worth remembering when deciding on your budget. Half days can sometimes be available, depending on your requirements. Go for the very best photographer you can afford, you won’t regret it. 

4. Images

Ensure that you are clear on how you will receive the finished images, whether in digital format or as printed hard copies. Think about how you want to use your images and whether it’s important to you to own digital copies (e.g. if you want to make into a canvas or use for thank you cards). Having the full rights to print, copy and share your images can sometimes be a preferable option. 



5. Booking

We know from working with our list of recommend photographers that their diaries fill up remarkably quickly. Securing your venue(s) and a photographer should be at the top of your list of priorities when starting the wedding planning process; their availability may affect other key decisions and your planning time frame. Compare packages, possible travel expenses and ensure you have answers to all of your questions before signing a contract.


Eclection Photography

Eclection Photography

Eclection photography

Eclection photography

Eclection Photography

Eclection Photography

Fizz Photography

Fizz Photography

6. Engagement Shoots

A relatively new trend, these shoots can happen any time pre-nuptials and are a great way for you to meet your photographer and learn to relax in front of the lens before the big day. Many photographers include these shoots within their price and this can be another treasured wedding planning memory (with beautiful images) to keep forever. Choosing an opposing season to your wedding day for your shoot ensures a lovely selection of professional images of you and your partner. We are happy to host your Engagement Shoot here at Coombe Trenchard; it’s a great way for your photographer to get to know our home and gardens (if they don’t already).


7. Communication

Usually you will receive a form from your Photographer in the lead up to your wedding asking for a list of required group shots (if any) and preferred locations. Try not to have more than ten group shots as this can take up a lot of precious time. Communicate any 'must have' shots that you have your heart set on and be as concise as possible. Inform your Photographer of any potential family conflicts or issues so that they can behave sensitively. We HIGHLY recommend that your photographer has visited Coombe Trenchard before the big day, and welcome visits from all of your suppliers to ensure a smooth and well thought out wedding day. There are so many beautiful, hidden secret spots dotted around Coombe Trenchard and our recommendedphotographers have all gained valuable experience of finding the best angles and using the best equipment to get the absolute most from our unique venue. 


8. A Helping Hand

When the day finally arrives, introduce your Photographer to key members of you party and decide who can be their point of contact if necessary. Ensure they have detailed location information to save any delay in arrival. Giving ushers/best men a list of group shots and asking them to ensure those people are ready and waiting can ensure maximum efficiency for both your Photographer and your guests. Make sure your photographer is fed and watered- dips in energy aren’tgood for anyone! After hosting many weddings we have a few insider tips that we can discuss with you and your photographer – firstly that a whole group shot is best done straight from your confetti shot (if you are having one).


9. Timings 

If possible, be fully ready at least half an hour before heading to your ceremony; this will give your photographer time to capture some shots of you and your family/bridesmaids in our stunning bridal suite. If you adore those beautiful, golden light shots on wedding blogs or are determined to get a sunset beach picture then do your homework. It's no use asking the caterer to serve starters at Golden Hour or missing the sunset whilst giggling through the speeches. If in doubt speak to your photographer but think about where you need to be and when to use the most of the light and your surroundings.

10. Strike a Pose

Keep your head up and enjoy every second. Let the camera blend in to the background and focus on your partner and excited loved ones. Make sure to hold your bouquet low and rest your elbows on your hips. Genuine emotion makes for a much nicer picture than an awkwardly posed one. Trust the direction that yourPhotographer gives you, they are the expert on capturing the perfectly framed shot. If you're very nervous about posing in group or couple shots, practice in a mirror beforehand and think happy, confident thoughts!


11. Editing Requests

Be honest with your Photographer and let them know if there’s a certain shadow or blemish that you would like edited out, they will be happy to discuss their editing process with you and work out a solution.


12. Enjoy, Share and Credit

Upon receiving your finished photographs make sure to credit and tag your Photographer when sharing them on social media. Its great exposure for your Photographer and ensures the maximum amount of people get to enjoy your happy, married face!

Thankfully, we've done most of the work for you. Our recommended photographers have all worked at Coombe Trenchard previously and know how to get the very best from our beautiful home. Take a browse at their websites (links below) and feel free to contact Coombe Trenchard if you need any further recommendations or advice. 

• Freckle Photography - A truly wonderful soul, Emma is a hugely talented Photographer whose pictures take our breath away. 

• Lucy Wallace Photography – Lucy is passionate, friendly and takes natural, spontaneously beautiful pictures. 

• Eclection Photography  - Heather is a creative genius who ensures each couples unique character shines through in her pictures.

• Elizabeth Armitage Photography  - An experienced and award-winning Photographer, Elizabeth is inspired by love and lets that shine through in all of her work.


• Luna Weddings - Anna & Mike have a fantastic reputation and create stunning, atmospheric images from weddings all around the world.

• Evolve Photography – Natural wedding photography that celebrates the beautiful environment of your big day.