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A Chat with Elle Hitchens on Bridal Beauty

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Elle Hitchens is a Bristol-based MUA who has worked on fashion shows, beauty shoots and even with celebrity clients. She possesses a zen-like calm that is a much needed tonic to wedding morning head-spins, but also gets excitedly animated when discussing make-up looks. Her clients get to feel like wondrous versions of their former selves, with added Beyonce-level confidence. 

As we receieve so many bridal queries about make-up artists here at Coombe Trenchard, we thought it best to sit down with an expert and get a professional opinion on the glamorous world of wedding day make-up (and find out how how to prepare!) 

Tell us a bit about yourself

"I've been working as a makeup artist for over 10 years and in that time have done over 700 weddings! It's such a total pleasure to help get brides ready on their big day. I've met some wonderful women and their families - I get a bit emotional just thinking about it!!"

"I worked for MAC for a few years whilst building up my freelance work and then eventually went completely self employed and haven't looked back. I love my job and i'm so grateful that I love what I do!"

What would be your top tips for brides looking to book a make-up artist?

"Ask around - a first hand recommendation from someone is a great tool. Do your research, look for a comprehensive website with real wedding images and testimonials from previous clients. You get what you pay for, make sure your artist uses high quality products and is fully trained and insured. Sometimes cheap is not best!"

"Don't leave it too late - the best artists sometimes get booked a year or two in advance - especially for Saturdays!"

What happens at a make-up trial?

"At a makeup trial you will work out your look for the day, you will talk about all aspects of the day including your dress, hairstyle, accessories, flowers, the colours or theme of the wedding etc. Be prepared by having a think about what style of makeup you like and also it's important to think about what you don't like. Images of makeup you like can be helpful too. I love a Pinterest board!"

How long does it normally take to complete a bride’s make up on the morning of the wedding?

"It can depend on the look but normally I advise an hour to complete the brides makeup and then there may be finishing touches later if necessary."

What is your favourite part of being involved in wedding preparation?

"It's a truly special thing to be involved in the preparations - I love the atmosphere on wedding mornings, there's usually a lot of love and laughter!"

What are the current trends for bridal beauty?

"Glowing, fresh skin is always popular. More and more people are using lashes and aren't afraid of being a bit more daring with their makeup - but you can't beat a classic natural bridal look. Most people want to look like themselves - but the best version. "

What would you recommend as a beauty regime in the lead up to the big day?

"A simple start is to drink plenty of water, keep your skin hydrated and if you don't have a skincare routine then start one. It can be a simple as remembering to moisturise or switching from wipes (which can strip your skin) to a nourishing cleanser. Or introducing a serum/face mask/exfoliator into your current routine. And remember a moisturiser with SPF is essential."

Freckle Photography at Coombe Trenchard

Freckle Photography at Coombe Trenchard

What beauty product could you not live without?

"Such a hard question as really theres a few, but it has to be mascara! Probably like most women out there I feel like I can take on the world as long as I have a bit of mascara on. My lashes are very short and fair compared to my hair colour so it makes a big difference when I emphasise them a bit!"



Thank you for chatting with us Elle! 

You can find out more about Elle and her work on her website